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Electric Mobility Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter, Pre owned


The mobility scooter is immaculate 


The Rascal Vision is the latest offering from the trusted name of Electric Mobility. A large, luxurious scooter packed full of stylish features for your comfort and safety.

The modern design and styling developed for this electric mobility scooter will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. The level of comfort offered by the Electric Mobility Rascal Vision is almost unsurpassed. The contoured high backed Captain seat offers support and adjustable positioning. The large pneumatic tyres soak up the bumps, aided by the coil spring suspension and shock absorbers. Also the delta tiller design is extremely comfortable for the user and now benefits from a gas strut mechanism for finite ease of positioning.

Safety is another important consideration when purchasing an electric mobility scooter, and the Electric Mobility Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter takes safety seriously! There are super bright LED lights front and back to ensure you can see and be seen on those dusky evenings. There is also a twin hydraulic emergency braking system to ensure you can stop quickly in an emergency. Electric Mobility have also developed an innovative "inertia system", that detects if you are going around a tight corner too quickly, and automatically reduces the speed of the scooter for your safety.

There is also a large, clear backlit LED screen to give you all the information you require on your travels, including your speed and the temperature, together with a half speed switch to automatically reduce your speed to the legal limit on pedestrian pathways. If you plan on taking a phone or a tablet there is a handy USB charging outlet built in!

And, the Electric Mobility Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter is also a very capable scooter for longer journeys. Sit back and enjoy the comfort for journeys up to 29 miles between charges. If this isn't sufficient, then you can upgrade to the heavy duty 80 a/h batteries to extend the range to a maximum of 32 miles. Also, the larger scooter user is taken care of, as the maximum weight allowed is an impressive 32 stone.


3 Months Warranty and 3 Months Free Insurance

Rascal Vision 8mph Mobility Scooter

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